Banned Search Terms

CM Search Console

Banned Rules

Search one of the following words in the search bar below:

Joker | Moriarty | Pennywise | Sauron | Thanos

Or try to commit the empty search.

Searching each of these items will redirect you to the premade page with the warning message.

Have a note that there should be a full match with the banned rule keyword.

How was it done?

The plugin has 4 dashboards for different kinds of rules. In the "Banned Dashboard" we have created a few rules for items that users are not allowed to search.

The plugin also has general settings. Here you can enable RTL support, disable banned rules, configure the search bar appearance and specify the settings for ban rules.

In "Banned Settings" you can choose if to just show the warning message or redirect the user to the specific page that you define. You can also enable banning empty search and define the list of whitelisted IP addresses.

CreativeMinds Search Improvement Console Plugin for WordPress lets enhance your WordPress search engine behavior and direct users to relevant pages. Includes autocomplete, term redirect, term replacement and a complete search log.

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