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CM Search Console

Replace Rules

Search one of the following misspelled variations of the Benedict Cumberbatch's name in the search bar below:

  • Banister Crumblebench
  • Benedict Cucumberbatch
  • Brendadirk Cramplescrunch
  • Bumblesnuff Crimpysnitch
  • Buttercup Cumbersnatch
  • Searching for each of these name variations will replace the search item to the correct spelling of the name - "Benedict Cumberbatch".

    How was it done?

    The plugin has 4 dashboards for different kinds of rules. In the "Replace Dashboard" we have created 5 rules for 5 name variations of Benedict Cumberbatch, which name is often misspelled.

    Have a note that there must be a full match with the keyword in the rule while searching.

    The plugin also has general settings. Here you can enable RTL support, disable replace rules and configure the search bar appearance.

    CreativeMinds Search Improvement Console Plugin for WordPress lets enhance your WordPress search engine behavior and direct users to relevant pages. Includes autocomplete, term redirect, term replacement and a complete search log.

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