Search Terms Log & Statistics

CM Search Console


The plugin provides you a few tools to manage the search results and track the statistics.

Search Terms Log

This page lets you track all search attempts on your site. Here you can see if there's any created rule for this item and change it right here if needed. You can also filter the results by period of time and by applied search rules.

Search Volume Graph

This page lets you monitor the volume of search attempts for certain period of time in the graph view.

Banned IPs List

This page lets you track IP addresses which attempted to search the banned search items. You can see the volume of attempts which were made from this IP, and here you can mark it any IP as banned, or check it by its geolocation.

Have a note that the plugin doesn't block the access for these IP addresses.
This list of IPs can be used by third-party plugins, for example - CM 404 Console.

Banned IPs Volume Graph

This page shows the daily amount of IP addresses which attempted to search the items from banned rules. It shows the results for a specific period of time in the graph view.

CreativeMinds Search Improvement Console Plugin for WordPress lets enhance your WordPress search engine behavior and direct users to relevant pages. Includes autocomplete, term redirect, term replacement and a complete search log.

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