Advanced RSS Content Aggregation Plugins

by CreativeMinds

Best tool for importing, merging and displaying Curated RSS

RSS Post Importer

The RSS Post Importer is the most advanced WP RSS feed to post tool for importing RSS feeds and displaying external posts from RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress site.

RSS Aggregator

The RSS Aggregator plugin is a powerful tool for RSS importing, merging, and displaying curated RSS
lists (title and short description) on your
WordPress site.

What is the Difference Between the WP RSS Post Importer and the
WP RSS Aggregator Plugins?

RSS Post Importer

RSS Aggregator

Whats does the plugin do?

Imports full RSS post content into posts / pages

Imports post title and initial description into a list

What happens upon clicking on the post title?

The post page launches, revealing the full description, media and link to the original post

The original post page launches

Can you customize the imported information template?

Yes, the plugin gives you complete control over content syndication

No, the plugin only imports a preview of the content

How can the user view the imported content?

As posts / pages including full post content

As a list of multiple RSS feeds that can be implemented using a shortcode anywhere on your site